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Ultimate Security Window Armor Film

Commercial & residential

Glass is considered the easiest point of entry for most thefts.  Studies by the US Small Business Administration indicates 64% of all commercial burglaries involve breaking of glass in a window or door.  USWA film installs engineered security window films of the highest quality, manufactured by international institutions that meet strict international glass-safety standards and adheres to the ISO 9001 quality-assurance standards.

Deter smash-and-grab or auto theft and increase protection from glass injuries during car accidents.

We support

public offices & Schools​

Protect our public servants and most important, our children, from unlawful actions of individuals with criminal intent.

 To provide a truthful solution to everyday needs in security, safety and energy savings, by providing a product that does what it says

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Automobile windows do not protect you from UV damage.

Why just tint your windows when you can add a security feature at the same time?

Contact us to find out how affordable tinted security laminate is for your car windows!  Why?

- Protection from UV radiation!

- Protection against smash-and-grab!

- Protection during an accident!


Enhance the safety of existing glass in buildings by improving the capability of glass to absorb impacts from projectiles or from accidental or intentional breakage.

Security film enhances the safety of existing glass in buildings by improving the capability of glass to absorb impacts from projectiles or accidental breakage.  In the event of the glass being broken, the glass will shatter but stay adhered to the security film and the film will either keep its form to the frame or just collapse in a pile.  The glass will be contained and injuries from flying glass will be minimized if not eliminated. Reports of serious glass-related injuries in the U.S. can exceed 150,000 annually. According to the  US army corps of engineers, this film is referred to as "Fragment Retention" or "Anti Shatter" film.

The benefits of installing this film are multi-fold. 

  • Increased protection against burglary, vandalism and forced entry
  • Increased protection from Mother nature - hurricanes, severe wind storms and earthquakes
  • Increased protection against smash-and-grab thefts
  • Replaces unsightly window bars or shutters 
  • Suitable for most window and door frames, including facades, curtain walls and skylights
  • Active protection 24/7

USWA security films are produced in 4, 7, 8, 12 and 15 Mil (milli inches) with a scratch resistant coating for exterior applications.

Our films are also available as a security/solar combination which provides additional protection against UV rays, heat and glare from the sun.