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Solar Guard Armor Coat

8 Mil   applied to quarter inch glass

8 Mil   applied to eight inch glass

10 Mil applied to quarter inch glass

10 Mil applied to eight inch glass

11 Mil applied to quarter inch glass

11 Mil applied to eight inch glass

14 Mil applied to quarter inch glass

14 Mil applied to eight inch glass

8 Mil Clear

9 MilSilver 20
12 Mil Clear
15 Mil Clear


​Tensile Strength at Break - The amount of force required to stretch or pull the laminate to its breaking point

Break Strength - The amount of pressure required to break through the laminate

Peel Strength - The amount of effort required to remove the laminate

U-Value -  This value is a function of temperature and wind speed (BTU/ Fahrenheit).  The lower this    

value the better the insulation qualities of the glazing system.

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient  (SHGC)- This measures how well a window blocks heat coming from the sun.  The SHGC is the fraction of the heat from the sun that enters through a window.  SHGC is expressed as a number between 0 and 1.  The less a window's SHGC is the less solar heat it transmits.

Shading Coefficient - The ratio of solar heat gain through a given glazing system to the solar heat gain under the same conditions for clear, unshaded double strength window glass.  It defines the sun control capability of the glazing system.

Ultimate Security Window Armor Film

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