Our film is manufactured from single or combined layers of polyester-based, metalized, optically clear film.  We offer 4, 7, 8, 12 and 15 Mil security/safety films with superb optical transparency and a scratch resistant coating. These films are flexible for ease of installation and is installed on the interior surface of the glass panel with a powerful adhesive, leaving the window with a scratch resistant surface.  These films are used to improve the appearance and safety of glass in buildings. 

Safety and security window films add a protective barrier that help hold fractured shards of glass together in case of breakage.   Installation of the right security film can minimize the threat of glass related injury resulting from impact, collision, blast or natural disaster.

The benefits of installing this film are multi-fold: 

Increased protection against burglary, vandalism and forced entry
Increased protection from Mother nature - hurricanes, severe wind storms and earthquakes
Increased protection against smash-and-grab thefts
Replaces unsightly window bars or shutters 
Suitable for most window and door frames, including facades, curtain walls and skylights
Active protection 24/7


Security films are also available with solar control properties. Solar control films reduce glare and minimize hot-spots which in turn improves the comfort of occupants. Additionally, solar control films reduce solar heat gain and energy consumption and virtually eliminate damaging UV radiation. 

Security/solar combination films provide significant solar heat control by rejecting infrared energy and contributing to energy efficiency and saving costs. This safety/solar combination protects from the potential harmful effects of UV radiation by rejecting up to 99% of these rays.  UV radiation is the major cause of fading of soft furnishings in the home or office and a major cause of dermatological harm.

Security/solar  combination films have increased in popularity mostly due to two factors.  Cancer awareness campaigns have made people more aware of their actual exposure to harmful radiation from the sun and the desire of people to protect the environment by making their carbon footprint smaller.

Most solar control window films offer the following benefits:

Comfort – Reduces heat and glare
Savings – Cuts energy costs, summer and winter
Health – Shields skin from UV radiation
Preservation – Protects furnishings against fading
Safety – Lessens dispersal of glass fragments
Enhancement – Improves external appearance of building


Graffiti is a depressing and expensive reality of urban life. Glass and mirrors in public transportation systems, such as bus and train terminals, restrooms, lobbies or shops are often the targets of vandals.

 "Tagging" and etched graffiti causes millions of dollars of damage each year, and has a negative impact on the image of neighborhoods and businesses. USWA film’s multilayer super-clear anti-graffiti film is designed to minimize vandalism by helping to protect glass and mirrors from permanent damage: tagging can be removed by simple cleaning, while surface etching and gouging requires only film replacement; the glass itself remains undamaged.

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